5 Reason Why Must Visit Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi located on east java, 298 km from Surabaya or 145 km from Denpasar Bali. Position banyuwangi on the east corner from Java islands, so it called is “Sunrise of Java.” Old time ago, to go banyuwangi need more time, because from Surabaya we only can use car or train and its need 6 hours. But now, Banyuwangi transform to be a one of famous tour destination in Indonesia. What’s change of banyuwangi??? Now you can enjoy the change and why you should visit Banyuwangi.

Point number one, Banyuwangi have easy access.
Now banyuwangi have Bandara Blimbingsari. The existence of the airport can cut travel time from 6 hours from Surabaya to be 45 minutes. And starting from July 2017 banyuwangi to Jakarta have a direct flight. It’s made easy going to banyuwangi from Jakarta or another country.

visit banyuwangi
Foto blimbingsari from https://www.travel.kompas.com/read20170301/214900627

Point number two, banyuwangi have many world class tourist destinations.
One of the most famous tourist destination is Ijen Crater with blue fire only two in the world. For a photographer, Ijen is the right place for taking a moment. In the morning tourist can enjoy the view of blue fire & Ijen Crater, see a direct process of sulfur mining, and trekking to Ijen has a terrain that isn’t heavy.

destination of banyuwangi
Foto from www.banyuwangibahagia.com

There is still much attraction in banyuwangi which interesting to explore. A variety of tourist option presented in banyuwangi. From snorkeling and diving, tracking mountain, waterfall, artificial tour, all presented and the location located is near from other tourist attraction.

Point number three, banyuwangi have vibrant cultural tourism.
Banyuwngi have much cultural tourism like Barong Ider Bumi on June 2017, Seblang Dance, Gandrung Dance, kopi sewu, Dusun Wisata Oseng, Kebo-Keboan, and many other. We can enjoy the attraction according to the tourist calendar that has been realizing by banyuwangi government.

rich cultural tourism
Foto from www.indonesiakaya.com

Point number four, banyuwangi have festival regularly
Every month in one year, banyuwangi have one festival. Even international and local has held. Next even is banyuwangi jazz festival, international tour de banyuwangi Ijen 2017, Banyuwangi International BMX 2017, Festival Kebaya and many other.

banyuwangi have festival regulary
banyuwangi have festival regulary

The last point of banyuwangi had culinary food
In Banyuwangi we can enjoy culinary food such as nasi tempong with a typical spicy sauce, nasi cawuk, sop kesrut, kupat lodoh and pecel pitik white grated coconut. All these food can be found easily in the city.

banyuwangi is have culinary food
Foto from regional.liputan6.com

So arrange your vacation schedule to Banyuwangi to enjoy many attraction and many festivals in Banyuwangi.